Sunday, February 12, 2012

Topic 12: Save Gas With Complete Fuel System Cleaner

Frustrated with gas prices going up again?  Have a car 10 years or so old?  Never done a fuel system cleaning?  You can get a multiple part service done at a Jiffy Lube or Kwik Kar which is more complete or start out at a retailer like Sears or KMart or Blaines and get the Johnsen's Mega Mileage Improver which can improve mileage up to 5.7%.  Made with proprietary technology from Lubrizol, the older the car and the worse the gas you've been using, the more improvement you will see.  use it every 15k miles and you'll be good to go.  If you need more immediate results, go to the Kwik Kar type outlets and the 2nd and or 3rd Steps can get you more immediate results.  These products can also lower emissions which comes in handy prior to that annual inspection.

So the good news is there are thing you can do to save gas:  Use a fuel system cleaner, change the oil with the right oil, change your air filter, make sure your tires are properly inflated, consider synthetic oils throughout your engine and transmission, etc.

None of this is free but they all work.

So if gas prices get you down, get some Johnsen's and get that junk out of your trunk!

Topic 11: What Happened to the $4k Cash Car?

Most folks just received their tax refund and are excited to browse Craigslist and local lots trying to find that perfect first car for them selves or son or daughter or a cheap get to work car.  Alas, to your surprise  they are all gone now replaced at best by $6 to $8k cars.  What happened?  Are dealers pulling a fast one?  Actually no. Cash for Clunkers pulled thousands of cars off Americas roads to help emissions.  An unintended consequence was less cars to sell you at those price points.  You might find one on Craigslist but they are gone when you call.  Or you get there and they are worth exactly what you pay for, which usually means a couple of grand worth of repairs to make it road worthy or find it's a salvage title or you have to chase the owner on account of title problems, none of which are how you want to spend your time.  Also with fewer cars made over the last few years, there are less to choose from, fewer go into rental fleets, etc. so based on the rules of supply and demand, supply is short so prices go up.

So what's a person to do? 

Do your homework, find the best cars used for the money, usually a low mileage domestic like a Ford Taurus or old standbys like Hondas and Toyotas.  You won't get a smoking deal but you will get a good car and for less than new or even places like CarMax.

At 9995 Motors we pride ourselves on good cars at a good, no hassle price, a consultative selling approach with no pressure, and no salvage titles and no games.

I started 9995 Motors to sell good cars at $9995 or less.  I was a CarMax consumer but felt like I wanted to spend less than $13k or $20 k or $25 k to get to work.  So I did it myself

If you like the car, you can buy the car, it's that simple.

So if you had a wreck, are on a budget, and don't like games, check us out at and then come by and see for yourself.

$4k days are gone but you can stay below $10k and get to work just like everyone else...just smarter and on the road faster!