Saturday, October 30, 2010

Topic Six - The Golden Moment - Delivery and Post Delivery Assessment

Well you bought it.

Expect some fear and trepidation as it's your second largest purchase and these are used cars.  There are things worn out on it. 

My recommendation is you take it to a trusted mechanic (I use First Choice Automotive in Magnolia) and ask what needs to be done for...SAFETY, not fix everything worn out on a used car.  If they find other annoyances, then great, get a list and knock them off when you have a little cash available.  You bought this vehicle anyway to get from A to B. 

Places like Firestone on 242 warranty their work if that makes you feel better and they are a one stop shop.  I also use Jiffy Lube alot for fast oil changes/fluid fills and NTB for tires.  In the Woodlands, Magnolia area I also like All Star Muffler and Brake for those kinds of things and Gersitz/NAPA Auto Care for inexpensive repairs. 

Pick your service provider of choice and start a dialogue with them so they can know what you want to do.

Before I sell cars I buy stuff at places like Wal*Mart and Autozone or Advance to do what I can do like wash the exterior, dress the tires, clean the engine, wipe down the interior, clean the leather, treat the windows, etc.  You can do the  same and it's simple.

Things like:
1. Blue Coral Wash and Wax - cheap and good
2. Gumout or Slick 50 Fuel System Cleaner - pour in tank and get better performance and gas mileage.  Go to Shell or Exxon station and put in tank of premium - also filled with fuel injector, intake valve, combustion chamber type additives/cleansers.
3. Black Magic Tire Wet - looks nice
4. Comet or Ajax cleanser and a two sided sponge - clean your metal wheels
5. A large car wash towel - Target and Wal*mart and those autoparts places have them - get a big one to save you time
6. An old shower towel - nice fluffy cotton dries the car quickly
7. Rain-X 2 In 1 - cleans the glass and leave water beading technology on all the windows.  Go 55 in the rain and you'll do this every couple of weeks!
8. Windex or any interior glass cleaner - you be amazed at your better vision  - use an old washcloth for a quick job
9. Black Magic Dashboard Protectant - gives your interior a glossy shine after you've rinsed your car wash towel and wiped down the interior.
10. Black Magic Engine Degreaser and Shine - spray on, wipe with your sponge on areas you can see big grease spots and spray off with hose.  You don't have to wrap any parts using this product.
11. Any carpet cleaner - spray it on, scrub it in with kitchen scrub brush, soak it up with another cotten towl and let it sit.
12. Any deodorizer - some folks use Carpet Fresh, let it sit (its fragrance and baking soda) and then vacuum it up

If you do some or all of these, your car will look its best and run as best as it can.

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